Eurorack travel case 12U/94HP




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Eurorack travel case 12U/94HP

MDLRCASE is proud to announce the new long-awaited 12U/94HP Eurorack travel case.

This new lightweight eurorack case meets carry-on luggage size requirements for most airlines and has a total weight of 6.5kg (including rails, PSU, and busboards).

Technical specifications:

Case size: 12U/94HP
Total HP: 2x 6U/94HP total 376HP
Outer Dimensions: 510mm x 320mm x 245mm including lid and hardware
2x Konstantlab Boardpower lightweight PSU.
Total power for both case halves +12V 4A, -12V 2.5A, 5V 3A
4 x MDLRCASE Passive busboard, a total of 80 power headers.
Total weight: 6.5 kg (w/ PSU, busboards, and rails installed)

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 67 × 48 × 35 cm