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We create
professional handmade eurorackcases

Hi, my name is Arjan and i really like to welcome you on our webshop.

We’re specialized in professional handmade eurorackcases and accesories.

At a young age  i started collecting old hifi gear and start playing with it.

Recording music from pirate radio stations and after recording cutting the tape down to little mixes.

In the early nineties i discovered electronic music and started dj’ing in the Dutch housescene.

In 2002 i started my own DJ/Producer store in the centre of Alkmaar called The Art of Sound where i sell records, DJ and Studiogear.

Also that time i start producing  and begin to to buy and collect all kinds of studio gear and hardware synths.

When i first discover modular synthesizers in Eurorack format i was sold immediately, not long after buying my first 3U rack i started thinking about building Eurorackcases for affordable prices.

And here we are with a serie of 4 different models in 3 different colors/materials, all build with passion and great care.

If you have any questions or requirements please dont hesitate to contact me at : arjan@mdlrcase.com