Eurorack rails 1U size side brackets set (Intellijel 1U)




Out of stock

Out of stock



A pair of 3D printed 1U Intellijel size side brackets set to easily connect your rails together, and build your own 1U rails set.


Dimensions: 1U side bracket

Length: 40.8 mm

Width: 30mm

Height: 3mm



4x M5 screws to mount the side brackets  to the rails

4x M3 screws to mount the eurorack rails set in your case


We 3D print all side plates in our in-house 3D print farm.
All side plates are 3D printed with high accuracy on current generation 3D printers. We tested a lot of different materials and chose the most robust polymer available on the market to assure maximum strength. We personally check all the products to ensure only the best quality.

There are significant advantages in using this additive manufacturing technique:

Cheaper to produce, so less expensive to purchase
Lightweight and incredibly strong
It doesn’t scratch your beautiful case when installing your rails sets

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