9U 84/114HP powered eurorack case funky yellow


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This professional handmade 9U Eurorack case for modular synthesizer can be used in two ergonomic positions. When standing upright, it feels like the classic modular synthesizer setup with two slightly-angled vertical rows and one angled horizontal row. When laying flat on a desktop, it feels like an old-school mixing desk with one angled vertical row and two slightly-angled horizontal rows.

The 84hp version provides 252hp of space and the 114hp version provides 342hp of space. The case features an integrated power supply (your choice of two Mean Well RT65B or one Doepfer PSU-3) with a total of 60 power headers on the busboards, and comes completely assembled, wired, tested and ready for you to load it up with your modules and play.

9U Studio Series features

  • 9mm CNC cut birchwood construction with ergonomic angled design
  • Covered in High Pressure Laminate (Funky Yellow HPL outer layer and White HPL inner layer)
  • Six 84HP or 114HP rails with M3 threaded inserts
  • Two Meanwell RT65B or One Doepfer PSU-3 power supply
  • Three MDLRCASE busboards (60 power headers)
  • Side-mounted power switch with fuse
  • 1.8m power cord
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Completely assembled, wired, tested, and ready to play!



Dimensions (L/W/H)

  • 84HP: 43cm x 45cm x 25cm
  • 114HP: 43cm x 60cm x 25cm

Module depth
Measurements in desktop position

  • Top row, Top rail: 5cm
  • Top row, Bottom rail: 8cm
  • 2nd row, Top rail: 8cm
  • 2nd row, Bottom rail: 10.5cm
  • Bottom row, Top rail: 11cm
  • Bottom row, Bottom rail: 19cm

Power Supply Options

Mean Well RT65B

Closed case design with integrated short-circuit and overvoltage protection makes the Mean Well switching power supply a great choice. It is universal so it can accept a wide range of mains voltages, from 100V to 240V.

  • 2800 mA @ 12 V
  • 500 mA @ -12 V
  • 5000 mA @ 5 V

Doepfer PSU-3

The PSU3 is a strong power supply for Eurorack modular systems allowing up to four busboards to be connected to a single unit. While the PSU-3 does not have the integrated short-circuit and overvoltage protection of the Mean Well, it does supply more amperage on the -12V rail. If you need more -12V than the Mean Well can provide, this supply is a great choice. It is also universal so it can accept a wide range of mains voltages, from 100V to 240V.

  • 2000 mA @ 12V
  • 1200 mA @ -12V
  • 4000 mA @ 5V

Busboard Details


Our custom busboards feature 20 shrouded headers that prevent accidental reversed connection of modules, LED status indicators for each rail, and easily accessible screw terminals for connecting to your power supply or additional busboards.

  • 20 standard Eurorack keyed headers. These power connectors feature safety notches to prevent the accidental reversed connection.
  • 3 power rails 12V, -12V, 5V
  • Voltage indicator LED on every power line
  • Decoupling capacitors to remove residual PSU ripple at every power line
  • Switchable 5V linear voltage regulator for power supplies that don’t support 5V output
  • 2 screw terminals for power supply and additional busboard connection

Additional information

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Width in HP

84HP, 114HP

Please choose your power supply

Doepfer PSU-3, Meanwell RT-65B