1U/104HP Eurorack railset complete row.


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1U/104HP Eurorack railset complete row.

1x 1U/104HP Eurorack railset (Intellijel 1U size) complete row for building your own DIY Eurorack case.

The set consists of the following parts:

2 x 104HP eurorack rail without lip, rails are already tapped with M5, hassle free configuration.
2 x 104HP threaded inserts
2 x aluminium 1U Intellijel size sideplates to connect your rails together
4 x screw M5x12 to fasten the rails to the sideplates
4 x woodscrew 3×12 to fasten railset to your case



Complete set length= 536mm (104HP = 104x 5,08 = 528,32 + margin* = 530mm + 6mm sideplate thicknes = 536mm total length
Height= 30mm
Width 40,8mm
Weight per railset +/- 450 grams

margin* expained.
Due to years of building experience we cut our rails with a a little length margin*.
Why? We’ve experienced that not all modules always have an exact HP width and it can happen that when you cut the rails to exact 104HP dimensions not all your modules will fit. The threaded strips/inserts have an exact 104HP size, so you can’t go wrong installing your modules. Trust us, we’ve been there:)

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