Eurorack case powered busboard 45W


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MDLR PWR is a high precision low noise and high-powered bus board for your eurorack modular systems.

With a total of 40 headers you’ll never run out of connectivity, so all your lovely modules can be easily connected.

It’s designed for use in all kind of eurorack cases up to 6U/104HP. If you have a bigger system easily add a second MDLR PWR bus board to your set up.

We recommend it for cases up to 6U/104HP, please check for your power consumption first.

Due to super easy installation (it’s only about connecting two cables) this MDLR PWR  PSU solution is perfect for use in any DIY projects as well.

By using an external PSU adapter there is no risk of high voltages inside your eurorack case.

MDLR PWR is fully protected on the input as well on the output to ensure maximum security.



Technical specifications:

Power 45W

Dimensions 420 x 140mm

Height 23mm

Weight 400g



+12V / 2A

-12V / 1.2A

+5V / 1.5A


Output stability ±1% for 0-100% load

Input 18V ( 16V – 20V )

Output Connectors 40 x 16 pin IDC for flat cable

Input connectors WAGO spring terminals + 5.5 / 2.1 DC inlet



Input overvoltage

Input reverse polarity

Output overvoltage

Output short current – automatic recovery

Output over current – automatic recovery

All output protections are independent for each rail

Efficiency 92%

Other Input common mode LC filter with high efficiency of canceling noise and interference from input connector

Additional input filter on each regulator for minimal output noise and interferences

Shield for reducing RF interferences from regulators

Star distribution topology on PCB

Each “beam” from star topology has 4 headers with noise canceling capacitors.

In star topology center are another noise canceling capacitors

A big ground plane on both sides of PCB

Blue LEDs indicate present and drop of output voltage


Recommended power brick for one board – Mean well GSM60A18-P1J (not included)