Eurorack rails set 4U/126HP (Intellijel 1U size)


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1x 4U Intellijel size /126HP Eurorack rails set complete row for building your own DIY Eurorack case.


The set consists of 1x 4U/126HP Intellijel size  rails set:

2 x 126HP eurorack rail with lip, rails are already tapped with M5, hassle free configuration.
2 x 126HP eurorack rail without lip for the 1U rails, rails are already tapped with M5, hassle free configuration.
4 x 126HP threaded inserts
2 x 3D printed 4U Intellijel size side brackets to connect your rails together
8 x screw M5x12 to fasten the rails to the side brackets
8 x woodscrew  M3x12 to fasten the rails set to your case


Dimensions : 1 x 4U/126HP rails set complete row:

Complete set length= 647mm (126HP = 126x 5,08 = 640,08 + margin* = 641mm + 6mm sideplate thickness = 647mm total length
Height= 30mm
Width =173,8 mm

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