Eurorack rail with lip 104HP


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1x 104HP Eurorack rail with lip for building your own DIY Eurorack case.

Perfect to use in combination with 104HP threaded inserts and our side brackets set to make your own rails sets.

Including :

2 x M5 screws for mounting side plates or mount directly to the case.

1 x Rail  104HP  will be already tapped with M5 for you for easy installation.




Dimensions: 1x 104HP eurorack rail with lip

Length 104HP = 104x 5,08 = 528,32 + margin* = 530mm
Height= 19mm
Width/thickness 10mm



*After years of building experience, we cut our rails with a small extra margin.
We’ve found that modules don’t always have an exact HP width. It can happen that when you cut the rails to exact 84HP dimensions, not all your modules will fit. The threaded strips/inserts have an exact 84HP size, so you can’t go wrong installing your modules. Trust us. We’ve been there.