Eurorack case 9U/104HP/126HP Square Series


This professional handmade 9U/104/126HP Square Series  Eurorack modular synthesizer case is the perfect solution for those artists who like to have a big case in their studio, but also can take the case with them for a rehearsal or a gig when needed. The new Square Series case is what we call a “hybrid” between a studio case and a portable solution.

As it’s designed as a hybrid case we added a couple of new features that are not available in the Performer Series.

You can attach the lid to the case when performing so you will have an excellent play height.

When used in a stand (which we fully advise) the case has more body and will be more stable.

We added more depth to the bottom case so you can add older and deeper modules easier, also installing a spring tank inside will be easy to do due to extra space.

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Technical specifications:

  • Flush-mounted rails allow the modules to be mounted  flush with the side
  • The lid allows carrying the case fully patched
  • 3 x 3U rows of 104HP or 126HP rails with M3 threaded inserts
  • 104HP:Total of 312HP module space
  • 126HP:Total of 378HP module space
  • 1 x MDLR PWR 85W powered busboard (40 power headers)

Total output:  

  • +12V 4A
  • -12V 2.5A
  • 5V 1.5A


  • 1x MDLRCASE extension board (14 extra power headers, for the 126HP version only)
  • 1 x MDLRCASE Passive busboard (40 power headers)
  • 1x side-mounted power switch + power inlet
  • 1x  1.8m power cord
  • 1 x Meanwell power adapter included
  • High-quality Penn Elcom components
  • Super-comfortable Luxe carrying handle
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Completely assembled, wired, tested, and ready to play!

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